Mezza Morta is a reanimated corpse created by two Russia scientists to infiltrate YouTube and influence the American public.


Dr. Romanov and Dr. Petrov’s unorganized biohazard of a lab pulsates with electricity in the early hours of the morning. They’ve been working tirelessly to create the perfect KGBeauty for their manipulative plan— and they’ve found the ideal specimens for the head of project Mezza Morta.

Tickled with enthusiasm, Dr. Romanov insists that 3 a.m. is the perfect time to conduct a few initial tests. He stands by his vintage technology ready to incorporate various memes into Mezza Morta’s temporal lobe, while Dr. Petrov observes off-camera–filming the experiment.  

For a while, the trial goes swimmingly– but once political discourse gets thrown into the mix…the real madness starts.

Director’s Statement

Mezza Morta is a twisted regurgitation of events in my personal life as well as my reaction to the divided world. It’s a representation of sexism and the #MeToo movement, the viral fads that distract us– and the collusion that brings it all together. This female-led production that pays homage to classic horror ushers in a new error of terror and is sure to inspire young female filmmakers everywhere.

The Mezza Morta prequel is a concept piece for the first season of the Mezza Morta web series. I want Mezza Morta to make you laugh, but more importantly–I want it to scare the shit out of you. This four-part horror comedy will satisfy feminists and gore enthusiasts alike with its sharp political humor and classic practical effects provided by special effects makeup artist, Steve Saturn. The script is written, the show is cast, and the crew is standing by–but we need your help to bring Mezza Morta to life.